We provide In-depth Workshop and Tourist Workshop.


In-depth Workshop

We offer private customized workshops for professionals, artists, and anyone who is interested in learning paper making in more depth. The workshop is given by Rogier himself. The length of the workshop can be a whole day or several days.

Rogier can assist you with following activities and more:

  • Classic paper making of tame-suki, nagasi-suki, and drying
  • Pulp-painting
  • Preparing the fibers such as steaming, cleaning and beating
  • Using the Hollander for cotton paper making
  • Making fusion maper from cotton and traditional fibers
  • Treating paper with shibu and konyaku
  • Crafting paper to make object such as lamps, wall paper, etc.

Basic price is 35,000yen/1day for one day (6 hours) only, 30,000yen/1day for more than two days. Here is a schedule and price example.

Workshop plan example

Please check the blog about our In-depth Workshop by Ms.Karen Trask (Canadian artist). http://karentrask.com/presshome/kamikoya-papermaking/

Feel free to contact us for more information.



Tourist Workshop

In this workshop you will make original paper after a short explanation about traditional Japanese paper making. You will also pick some flowers or leaves from around Kamikoya to put them in your paper. The method of paper making is called Pulp-painting.

Please make a reservation.

Time required : About 2 hours

Size of paper : 25 * 40 (cm)

Price :

8,000 yen for 2 people

10,500 yen for 3 people

12,000 yen for 4 people

2,500 yen per person for more than 5 people

The paper will be dried naturally, and sent after a few days. Additional shipping charges will apply.