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A pair of new washi lights, in the dark. Rogier


日本各地にあるマリア像を巡り撮影した写真を ロギールの手漉き和紙にプリントした作品の展 示会『Dialogue with mary』が東京渋谷にて12 月8日まで開催されています。明日12月4日 (日)には16時より尺八のライブも予定されて います。 詳細はかみこやウェブサイトのブログをご覧ください。


This “hanging scroll” ( designed by INA-MATT) is one of the items ( sweets, kimono etc) for the annual Hirado Tea Ceremony. This year it is an official event in the Holland- Kyushu 2016- 2017 program.
We were privileged to make the 1 by 2.40 m long, thick Kozo paper .The paper can be folded.


Accommodation and workshop are closed in December, January and Funerary due to busy season of Japanese paper making and paper plants harvesting. Inquiries are available in the winter too.


We were lucky to make washi paper for this wonderful basically traditional Tosa(nowadays Kochi- pref.,Japan) architecture style house. Paper for shoji- sliding doors( facing outside, white). See the beautiful diffuse light). And the indoors fusuma slidingdoors ( left side) and small cabinet doors beside the alcove( tokonoma).


Happy New Year


Snow on the mitsumata branches.Harvest of the paper plants is finished now. Tomorrow we will steam them and peel off the bark. It will take a few days. More information will follow.


When the leaves of the kozo trees have fallen off it is time to harvest, steam the branches and peel off the bark.
For washi we use usually the bark of one year old trees. Kozo did not grow so tall as usually this year. Is it the soil, the weather , did we not take care in a proper way or do we expect too much….Before we start the work a small piece of washi (shide) is presented to the field to express gratitude.


Steaming of kozo. (Kochi prefecture, Yusuhara -cho). 2017