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Siepie – Kamikoya cat

Rogier Uitenboogaart

– Owner of Kamikoya
– Japanese handmade paper
– Paper master authorized by Kochi Prefecture
– Visiting professor of Kochi University of Technology


Please visit ROGIER web site to see works and philosophy.
rogier バナーのコピー


“The Japan Times”  link Dutchman keeps paper-making traditions alive at his Shikoku studio
“KIKAN KOCHI English Version” Link  No.53 pp.4-11


2006 Opening Washi Studio Kamikoya

2004 Start neighbourhood collective ”Yanagibata’

2003 Start making recycle cotton paper

1999-2004 Open Gallery and Cafe ‘Tenguno Kaze’ in Yusuhara

1994 – 2004 Organise annual art and craft festival “Genryu no Uta’  in Yusuhara

1992 Move to Yusuhara and opens paper workshop ‘Tengu no Kaze’

1981-1992 Start training in washi making in Ino.  Grow own paper fiber plants, while learning to farm.

1980  Travel in Japan to visit a number of paper makers. 

-Rogier Uitenboogaart is born in Den Haag, the Netherlands (1955).  After studying at a graphic school in Amsterdam, he worked for a bookbinding atelier before deciding to go to Japan to learn more about Japanese paper he encountered at his work.


Awards (selected)

2011 Hakuho Award, Hakuho Foundation (national)

2009 Award for outstanding performance, Green Tourism Award, The Mainichi NewsPaper (national)

2009 Nihon Lifestyle Award (national)

2007 Tosa no Takumi (Kochi Prefecture)

2005 Mori no Mejin 100, National Land Afforestation Promotion Organisation (national)

2004 An award for culture and the environment (Kochi Prefecture)

1996 New design for the countryside (Kochi Prefecture)


Teachings and Workshops (selected)

2013 Earth Day Tokyo

2012 Ginza Fashion Week, Kamaishi City, Iwate Prefecture

Since 2008- Minatoku Ecoplaza, Tokyo

2004 Coda Museum, International Paper Biennial, Apeldoorn, The Netherlands

Since 1993- Yusuhara elementary School


Assigned works (selected)

Shoji and Fusuma for Kouyama Garden, Tokyo (Naito Architect & Associates), 2013

Lamp objects for Mizuho Saryo, Yamaguchi City, 2012

Wall paper for Marché Yusuhara, Yusuhara (Kengo Kuma & Associates) 2010

Wall paper art for Makino Memorial Garden and Museum, Tokyo, (Naito Architect & Associates) 2010

Wall paper for Town Hall of Yusuhara, (Kengo Kuma & Associates) 2008

Lamps for Onriyu, hotspring spa, Kanagawa, 2007

Lamps for Makino Botanical Garden, Kochi (Naito Architect & Associates), 1999

Lamps for Auberge Tosayama, Kochi (Hosogi Architects & Associates), 1998

Lamps and Wallpapers for Hotel Kumono Ue, Yusuhara, Kochi (Kengo Kuma & Associates), 1994


Solo Exhibitions

In Kochi, Osaka, Nara, Fukuyama, Matsuyama, since 1989


Group Exhibitions (Selected)

2003 ‘Books’ Nangoku City, Kochi Prefecture

2000 ‘Washi-ten’, Havana, Cuba

2000 ‘Paper Works 2000’, Ino City, Kochi Prefecture

1991 Paper Works of Contemporary Art, Imaichi Shi, Fukui Prefecture

1991 Paper Biennail, Rijswijk, the Netherlands

In other occations in Tokyo, Nishinomiya, Naha, Ino etc since 1989


Writings (Catalogs for Paper Biennale in the Netherlands)

Traditional tosa washi making step by step‘, Pure Paper, 2008

‘One million prayers’, Spirit of Paper, 2004

‘Japanese water drop paper’ Paper & Water, 2000


Media (selected)

Begin Japanology, NHK-WORLD, 2014

Global Navi, BS-TBS, 2010

Midori, NHK, 2010

CoolJapan, NHK, 2008

Looking for Japan by Sekiguchi Hiroshi, TBS, 2006




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